New Beginnings

Hey Butterflies!!!

        Thank you so much for checking out my new beauty blog. I have had the desire to start a beauty blog for quite some time now, and finally, I’m making it happen!

       My hopes for this blog are the following:

  • share information with you on products
  • share some tips
  • answer any beauty questions you may have
  • create an open forum to discuss beauty topics of interest

       I may not always have all the answers, but I will definitely point you in the right direction.  So if there is anything you would like to see, read and/or talk about, you can leave a comment in the “Comments” section or let me know in the “Contact” section. All inquiries made through the “Contact” form will be kept confidential, so don’t worry about me putting anyone on blast!

       I will also post pictures of looks I have created and I will list the products that I used in the process, just in case you are curious or want to pick them up for yourself!

       I will make the effort the post something new for you on a weekly basis, so make sure you come by and check out what’s new. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends!

       Peace and Blessings!


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